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Digital files and colour correction

All digital files submitted should be ready for printing with all colour and sharpening adjustments made by you. Files are printed as received from you. Colour space should be Adobe RGB 1998. Files will be printed in “perceptual rendering intent” unless you specify otherwise. TIFF files are preferable, we will also accept JPG, and unlayered PSD files.

Proof sheets can be ordered to enable you to make any colour adjustments prior to finalizing your order. If you are unable to make these corrections we will, at your request, use our own judgment.

If you want the best possible colour from the files you provide please include the Gretag Macbeth colour chart in a separate scan or photo of your image made under identical conditions. We will then balance the colour to match the chart. In case of questions we will contact you.

Nominal adjustments will be done at no charge to ensure your file prints correctly to the highest quality. If major adjustments are required we will contact you with details and pricing in advance.

Full reproduction service available

If you do not have your own digital files we can do the complete process from image capture to print for you. We do not charge for scanning or, nominal image retouching or  photography. Our digital working files are proprietary and are not for sale.

No minimum order required

No minimum quantity or repeat order required, we will reproduce a single image if requested.

Final print size, resolution and borders


The maximum print size presently possible is 22 inches wide by any length up to several feet, or as small as 5 x 7 inches.

Files submitted should be at a resolution of 300 dpi, This can be less, depending on the print size required, please ask. Your print should be sized according to the dimensions you have specified and should include any borders or digital frames that you require.  If it does not match we will resize for you and contact you with our suggestions and for your instructions.


There is no proofing charge if you provide your own “print ready” digital file and if it requires only nominal adjustments prior to printing. If major adjustments are required we will inform you in advance and provide a quote. If we have to proof and set up your file for printing there will be a  charge. This will vary according to the type of artwork and time required. We do not charge for scanning, nominal image retouching or  photography. Our digital working files are proprietary and are not for sale. We will provide a firm quote once you provide the details.

Reprints and file backup

We will backup all digital files in our system in case you wish to re-order. This will enable us to respond at short notice and to the same quality as your original order. All files will be deleted 12 months after your last order. In the case of a limited edition, all files will be deleted once the stated quantity has been printed.

Printers and scanners

We use an HP Z3100ps GP 24inch 12 colour printer and an Epson 3800 17 inch 8 colour printer. Scanners are professional Epson and Canon film and graphic art units. We can scan film or negatives up to 8 x 10 inches in size as well as APS cassettes.

Copyright, liability and privacy.

Please read the copyright and liability page for more information.

Please call for advice or questions

My goal is to provide you with the very best of quality and service and to ensure your satisfaction. I will be happy to provide full details and discuss your project with you at any time. Please e-mail or call.


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